Business Continuity Planning

Will your employee be able to work from home in the event of a catastrophe or company lock down?
Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes. Over the last several months a number of disasters have affected the ability of  Australian businesses to operate, and as the world faces a continued risk with the COVID-19 (Corona) virus outbreak, now is the time to consider your business continuity plan (BCP). Being prepared for disasters mitigates much of the risk extended unavailability of your office presents to your business. A BCP considers these risks, and helps you assess the ability of your staff to work remotely, or from home.
The key is to define the roles of your staff members, and identify those that are required to keep critical business processes running during these unplanned and stressful circumstances. When this is established, you will need to consider how these users are going to access the network. Things to look out for are:

  • Can users access internal IT resources (files, devices) via a VPN?
  • Does the company have the required internal IT Infrastructure and applications available for workforce mobility?
  • Can Email and Office 365 be accessed externally?
  • Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place to mitigate security concerns?
  • Do staff have critical software and business applications available on personal devices?
  • Do you have a suitable working remotely/from home policy in place to reduce WPHS risks

ABTechnologies can help you with finding the answers to these questions. Modern workplace technologies can assist you in having your staff work remotely when disaster strikes. We can assist in setting up Microsoft Teams for collaboration, enabling workforce mobility. And if needed we can deploy Windows Virtual Desktops for your staff to use while not being in the office, providing a secure and efficient way to continue working when the office is not available.

Please reach out to our Customer Relations Managers at if you would like to discuss these options with us.

Company Updates

The month of February 2019 saw some changes in our staffing.

Welcome to Ojas Bhagat (System Engineer, Team Leader)

Ojas is a familiar name for some or our clients, as he has previously worked with us.. Ojas has returned to AB Technologies after exploring other career options. As team leader of the Systems Engineering group Ojas will help the team become even more focused on your success, while he himself will bring extra experience from working for successful other MSP’s.

The SE group had another new member in Campbell Duncan (System Engineer ).

Campbell has been working in our Service Desk team since starting with ABT in September last year. Due to his ongoing development and excellent skillset he has been promoted to the role of Systems Engineer.

Congratulations Campbell!

Another promotion was for Wayne Kirby. (Technical Consultant)

Wayne has been with us since July. He has worked in the Systems Engineering group with great success and has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team. Wayne’s skills and experience have now helped him to become our newest Technical Consultant. As TC Wayne will be the endpoint for the most complex technical issues and will become a technical account manager for some of our clients.

We’re looking forward to having Wayne in this role. Congratulations Wayne!

It is official, ABT now has a local staff presence in Western Australia and Victoria.

Sergey (Serge) Mironenko (Systems Engineer – Western Australia)

As our business in Western Australia is growing, we have had an internal staff member working from Perth. To further solidify our position in WA we have now hired Sergey (Serge) Mironenko. Serge will work with our client base in WA and be a valuable part of our systems engineering team. Welcome to Serge!V

Nick Jennion (Technical Consultant – Victoria)

Equally important to our geographic heatmap are our clients in Victoria. We now have our technical consultant Nick Jennion based out of the Melbourne area, servicing clients locally. If you would like Serge or Nick to visit your office for an onsite consult, please let us know and we will make this happen.

Windows Patching Q & A

Windows Patching Q&A

Q: On my invoice I now see Managed Server Patching. What is that?

Alliance Business Technologies manages the installation of Microsoft updates on your servers and workstations. Microsoft updates are important patches to your operating systems. They ensure stability and safety and keep your IT secure. Systems that are not updated are vulnerable to attacks and become a big risk to your company.

Q: Why am I being billed for patching?

A: Patching previously was not covered in your agreement. We would alert you if your servers were out of date and install patches upon your request. We then would invoice you separately for this work. This caused unexpected cost and increased risk for you. We have now covered patching in your agreement. You are billed for $45 per server per month. If your server systems were patched frequently in the past, this should not be an increase. We are simply spreading it per month.

Q: What about workstations? I thought you were patching them too?

A: Previously Windows Updates on workstations were managed by the operating system. This means updates were installed without our involvement. We now also manage the installation of patches on your workstations, as long as we have a maintenance agent installed on them. We will charge you a fee of $4 per month for the maintenance agent.

Q: Why are you not yet charging me for the workstations?

A: Technically we are not charging for workstation patching. We will need to charge you for the installation of our management agent. The patching service itself is free of charge. However, we have received some feedback from a small number of clients about the stability of the notifications the agent sends out for workstation patching. In a few situations this has caused a workstation to restart in the morning without notifying the user. While we work this out we will not charge you for the workstation agent. Server patching is working flawlessly and as expected.

Q: What if we have problems after patching?

A: Unfortunately, Alliance Business Technologies does not have control over the patches Microsoft develops, your internal applications and their dependence on the updates or your hardware. Should a Windows Update cause an issue on your workstation or server we will do everything possible to fix the issue, but if your managed service agreement doesn’t cover support, we may need to invoice you for this. Please speak to us if you would like to include support in your agreement and enjoy the benefits of all-inclusive management and support.

Q: The numbers seem incorrect. What do I do?

A: The quantity of workstations and servers comes directly out of our management system. If you believe they are incorrect, please let us know immediately. If the number is too high it is possible that you have devices you were not aware of. We can tell you what they are, and you can check. If the quantity is too low there may be machines without a management agent on them. That is risky because those devices are not patched and may not have adequate protection.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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Securing your Web Site with HTTPS to build trust with your audience.

Chrome web browser is now marking all HTTP sites as “not secure”.









Chrome used to display a neutral information icon, but starting with version 68, the browser will warn users with an extra notification in the address bar. Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign.

Google has been nudging users away from unencrypted sites for years, but this is the most forceful nudge yet. Google search began down-ranking unencrypted sites in 2015, and the following year, the Chrome team instituted a similar warning for unencrypted password fields.

The Chrome team said the change was mostly brought on by increased HTTPS adoption. Eighty-one of the top 100 sites on the web default to HTTPS, and a strong majority of Chrome traffic is already encrypted.

If your website is not currently defaulting to “https://” or cannot be viewed via “https://”,
then we can help.

For further information, please get in touch.

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Cyber Safety at Tax Time

It’s tax time and the common scam email informing that you’re eligible for a tax refund is doing the rounds again!

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, so sometimes it can be hard to know whether a message is really from the ATO or a scam.

In 2017, the ATO received over 81,000 reports of scams with $2.3 million reported lost and almost 10,000 people divulging personal information.

Australian Government Releases Warning about Current Tax Scam Email

The email, which has the subject line ‘Important information regarding your account’, includes the myGov logo and claims to be from the myGov team. Instead, the email is a phishing scam designed to steal your personal and financial information.












The form asks for your name and contact details, your myGov password and your credit card number.  After you supply this information and click the ‘Continue’ button, you’ll be automatically redirected to the myGov website. By then it’s too late and the scammer has your details.













The scammers use this information to commit credit card fraud and identity theft.

If you receive an email like this one, do not click any links or open any attachments.

Remember: the ATO and myGov will NEVER send an email or SMS asking you to click on a link and provide login, personal or financial information, download a file or open an attachment.

Tips for Staying Safe

Know the status of your tax affairs. If you are aware of the details of any debts owed, refunds due and lodgements outstanding, you are less likely to fall victim to a scam.

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid an email scam:

Tax Tips Infographic

Where to go for more information

Why Upgrade and Finance your New IT Infrastructure

Whether it is to keep pace with modern technology, to accommodate growth, or most importantly, improving your business’s security, the reality of undertaking a business venture is that from time to time you will be required to put money into what essentially runs your business; your IT infrastructure. Although this may require investment, staying put with your current setup can actually become more costly in the long run.

The quickest way to determine if it is time to upgrade; if you’ve gone 3+ years without making any IT infrastructure updates, then it’s time.

IT products and solutions that have provided a foundation for small businesses 2 years ago are often not adequate to offer full protection against current threats

Signs you need to upgrade your IT Infrastructure

Continued use of IT infrastructure after its manufacturer’s warranty has expired is arguably the greatest danger you can introduce to your organisation’s business continuity. Since a server “serves” all other computers on your network, if it is not operational, all affected employees are suddenly taking a very expensive coffee break.

Additional factors that go against continued use of an out-of-warranty server included reduced security and increasing problems with compatibility. The life-cycle of a server should be directly tied to its manufacturer’s warranty.

Have you experienced any of the below factors?

  1. Your system was breached: The biggest warning sign of all is experiencing a security breach. If your system experiences a breach in any shape or form, your team needs to immediately review your infrastructure’s security. Even the smallest email phishing scam can reveal big problems with your company’s security measures.
  2. You don’t have enough storage space: If your employees are receiving ‘insufficient storage space’ messages, your infrastructure needs to be re-evaluated. Regardless of if it’s their computers or the company cloud, running out of storage has unfortunate repercussions for productivity. Not only does it prevent your employees saving the documents they require, but it can also result in your systems running slowly due to the system over-load.
  3. Your employees are all using different hardware: When employees join your team at different times, they may end up using different hardware. However, having inconsistent IT in your company leads to a multitude of issues. Compatibility issues can arise with software and documents, as well as control and management issues.
  4. You Don’t Have Hybrid Data Backups: Cybercrime will cost businesses worldwide more than $2 trillion by 2019, according to a Juniper Research study. Counter to what many small business owners believe, having a small business will not protect them from cybercriminals. The only guarantee against data loss and excessive downtime – is having your data both backed up and readily accessible.  For modern business, the new minimum standard is a data backups management solution that is both on- and off-premise.
  5. Your IT Solutions Cost Too Much Time and Money Many businesses take a fix-it-now-and-deal-with-it-later approach when dealing with their IT issues. However, using this method will cost you more money in the long run. Implementing a solution that lets you manage your IT assets as a cohesive system can improve the performance of your IT infrastructure.
  1. Your applications are super slow If the company’s applications are running slowly, your employees can’t work to their full potential. This can happen for a number of reasons, including low storage space, inefficient software, or malware on your hardware. Regardless of the reason, long loading times slow down your operation, making this is a huge warning sign you need to upgrade your system.

If your company has experienced any of the above, then your company may not meet the minimum requirements to keep your company efficient and secure.

Risks involved if you do not upgrade your Infrastructure

Consider business downtime to recover, the potential for extended downtime, and the overall increased risk to business continuity. In the case of disaster, consider the cost to your business if your systems go down for 48 to 72 hours, and the effect on your business obligations. Can your business afford these risks?

IT Infrastructures are at a greater risk of cyber-attacks without proper System support services. Machines with Windows XP & other outdated Windows Server Licencing are no longer supported by Microsoft. Without critical Windows security updates, IT Systems are vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which can steal or damage business data and information. Antivirus software will also not be able to fully protect you once a Windows OS itself is left unsupported.

Outdated IT Infrastructures may not meet the minimum requirements for implementing Advanced Threat Protection Services and Security Solutions.

Whilst we do not know what the future will bring for your business, ensuring your IT infrastructure is as prepared as possible will ensure growth can always be on the agenda. New technologies bring a variety of benefits to your business, will help you meet the demands of your market, avoid downtime and save money.

How can I finance my IT Infrastructure?

We understand that investing in your IT can become a costly venture. If you’re going to invest in new IT infrastructure, consider the future. Where do you see your business in five years? Do not be afraid to be optimistic; it can serve you well. Getting the bare minimum to meet your needs now may cost you in the long run.

More and more clients are finding that using a Finance company to fund their new IT Hardware is a quick and seamless process, removing the burden of paying large upfront costs that can vary from $40K to $100K+.

One option we can provide our clients is to ‘lease their hardware’. Just like leasing a car, you make monthly payments and at the end of your contract, you can choose to buy or swap it out for a new one. It is, of course, more expensive to lease than buy your own, but for businesses who cannot afford the upfront costs of an upgrade, it can make the cost more manageable.

Benefits of Financing your Hardware

  • Optimise Cash flow
  • Reduce costs, improve return on investment (ROI)
  • Qualifies for off Balance Sheet reporting
  • Simple accounting as an operating expense
  • Preserves Working Capital
  • No residual liability
  • Flexibility to upgrade to new Technology at any time
  • Flexibility to add on options or components as required.
  • Flexibility
  • Preserves Cash and Credit Lines
  • Operating Expense
  • Preserves working cash
  • Improves and facilitates Implementation
  • Turns IT into an operating expense

To find out more about the benefits of financing your IT Upgrade click here.

If you are interested in upgrading your current IT infrastructure and increasing your business continuity, please give us a call to discuss your finance options.

P: 1300 705 062




Alliance Business Technologies is Proud to Announce…

ABTechnologies is proud to announce that in May this year we have been awarded two ‘Top Performing Partners for 2018’ awards.

‘Cloud Market Place Partner of the Year’ for Australia at the 2018 Cloud Summit in Florida, USA, and ‘Growth Partner of the Year’ as well as ‘Technical Excellence’ at the Barracuda Networks Awards.

Our Operations Manager, Troy Radloff, flew to the United States to accept the award on behalf of ABTechnologies. The annual awards spotlight Ingram Micro channel partners worldwide who have exhibited a high level of innovation, advocacy, performance and sales success with Ingram Micro and the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Ingram Micro Cloud identified channel partners who have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to reinventing the customer experience in the connected economy and driving new cloud capabilities through the Cloud Marketplace. These partners have all demonstrated the ability to help end users transform digitally using cloud technologies. Other criteria used to determine this elite group included overall cloud business growth, peer-to-peer leadership, and level of engagement and alignment with Ingram Micro.

Three of our team members attended Barracuda Networks ‘Big Fish’ Event along with several other Barracuda partners. This is the first year we have attended the event and were honoured to receive three awards. One which we are particularly proud of is our award for Technical Excellence, this award is based on the quantity of achieved technical certifications for the year. We would not have been able to achieve any of these awards without the dedication from our team, and would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

We look forward to achieving more goals as the year goes on.