Despite its location in the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 data remains vulnerable to acts of human nature.

When is my data at risk?

  • If employee deletes a file by mistake and then closes the application
  • If a disgruntled employee purposely destroys information that is useful to the company
  • If someone gains unauthorized access to company data and deletes files

Why do i need to backup my data?

  • It is safe from the most common cause of data loss, user errors
  • Data can be recovered due to system errors
  • Data is available for longer than short 30-day window
  • All data is protected against internal and external threats
  • Data is made available instantly in the correct format

What does StorageCraft Protect?

All email activities and Exchange data going back as long as needed or prescribed

Data saved for multiple previous revisions, edits and versions

Everything that is needed from Office 365 processes is collected, encrypted, protected and readily available

Protection of base SharePoint organizational data

Availability of all data that is in use in public shared folders across user defined time periods


Why do i need Cloud Backup for Office 365?

Features and Benefits


Service is available through an Internet-connected device.

Protection of Backup Data

Data is protected by state-of-the-art compression, encryption in SAS 70-certified centers.

Efficiency & Reliability

Users can restore a document, a folder, or all content without deleting or overwriting files.

Fast Recovery

Needed files or folders can be identified, restored and downloaded immediately.

User Transparency

Data additions or changes are identified automatically and backed up without user intervention.

Ease of Use

All backup and recovery controls are menu-driven, intuitive, and complete.

Best Use of Resources

Lower IT costs: no hardware overhead, no worries about updates.

Flexibility and Scalability

Easy to adjust to the changing demands of systems or users.

Frequently Asked Questions

StorageCraft Cloud Backup stores all of the data in S3.

Each provider (connector) in StorageCraft Cloud Backup is responsible for determining it’s strategy for full backups vs incremental backups of SaaS data. Most connectors implement a strategy where they have a “progress tracker” with a “scanned to” specific to each container.

Data is protected by state-of-the-art compression, encryption, and deduplication, in SAS 70-certified centers.

StorageCraft Cloud Backup has been tested across multiple use environments and has the ability to add users and services to meet the needs for very large client models.