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Move your printing to the modern remote era.

Enable smarter printing in your modern workplace

Printing is a fundamental task in just about every office and small business environment.

Whether you have recently moved your infrastructure to the cloud for flexibility, or are looking to replace your legacy on-premise servers, you might be wondering “what about our printing facilities?”. Now is a perfect time to start migrating your organization’s printing away from traditional print management to a print management system that is secure, reliable, and accessible anywhere anytime.

Make printing a part of your cloud-first strategy today!

Eliminate Print Servers

Say goodbye to print servers and hello to an automated print infrastructure. Cloud-based printing supports Single Sign-On with Microsoft Azure AD and can be deployed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It is scalable by design and can handle any number of users and printers.

Our Cloud Printing Management Solution gives your business flexible, secure and mobile printing, and you can automate print driver and queue management and eliminate the need for a print server.

Enable our solution for serverless print infrastructure:

  • Serverless Architecture
    Moving to a secure, cloud managed print infrastructure significantly reduces on-premise infrastructure costs, services, support and maintenance fees.
  • Global Secure Print
    Release print jobs using browser, smartphone or tablet on any printer any model.
  • Direct & Mobile Print
    Supports all Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS & Android devices.
  • Card-based Secure Print
    Release print jobs using card or ID code.

Moving to the cloud is not only allowing organizations to recover but positioning them to thrive postpandemic, increasing resilience and supporting business continuity.
Deloitte Insights

Simplify Print Administration

Apart from minimizing the on-premise IT infrastructure to support printing, the cloud-based printing helps IT managers avoid the hassle and minimize costs typically associated with printing and maintaining a print environment.

Cloud-based printing removes the administrative complexities involved in managing diverse hardware, software, computer operating systems and vendor-specific printer requirements.

Orchestrating and automating routine admin tasks, cloud-based printing helps discover, define and configure print queues and drivers and automatically distribute the setup, to keep your print environment running and up to date.

  • Intelligent Print Management
    Automatically deploy, install, manage, and update drivers, fixes and features.
  • A Product for All
    With independent and multi-vendor support, print to any printer from any BYOD or mobile device, reliably and securely.
  • User onboarding made easy
    Easily onboard new employees and remote users with Microsoft Azure AD and Single Sign-On via Office 365.

Read the consolidated overview of the Cloud Printing Management solution and feature set.

Solve common office and remote work
printing issues

By harnessing the power of cloud-based printing management, your company will be able to achieve a serverless print infrastructure built for secure, and flexible printing, with little effort.

Ask yourself today, does your business require any of the following:

  • Need to eliminate print servers to create a secure, cloud managed print infrastructure for flexible work?
  • Need an intelligent plug-and-play platform to manage updates and provisioning of new devices?
  • Improve productivity with intelligent print driver selection and print queue
    installation by location, group or self-service?
  • Want to apply single sign-on secure access to your printing services using Microsoft Azure AD?
  • Need independent and multi-vendor support for all network printers? To be able to print to any printer from any device?
  • Reduce print costs by 50% or more for on-premise infrastructure services, support and maintenance fees?

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The general trend towards remote work has been increasing year on year, and even more so given the current situation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Alliance Business Technologies prioritises continually honing our expertise in Microsoft technologies. We have consistently developed new Microsoft offerings before our competitors in order to help clients modernise and secure their IT departments—and in turn, to help ensure their success in the era of remote work.

If you would like to know more on how we can digitally transform your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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