ABT is proud to introduce our two new Client Relations Managers

Marc Kneeshaw and Ryan Cunningham have joined the ABT family recently as Client Relations Managers

(CRM’s). With the introduction of this role, we have continued our restructure of how we work with you outside the normal support, including project and technical consultancy work.

An explanation of what the CRM role is should start by pointing out what it is not. The CRM is not a typical account manager, with a sales target and comms incentives. Sure, your CRM will help you get on to a new, better agreement, or help you buy the new hardware your business requires, but selling is not the main task of our CRM.  Marc and Ryan (or Nick, our Victoria-based CRM) will be your primary contact within ABT.  For any issues, concerns, complaints you can directly reach out to them and they will be your “advocate” within our organisation. Clients who enjoy our fully managed services agreements (Comprehensive and Complete) have a dedicated CRM. Our customers who have not yet transitioned into these agreements, where remote support, monitoring, maintenance and a host of other features are included, will be assigned a CRM on a per-case basis. However, the CRM will be more than happy to discuss with you what the benefits of the support packages are and help you make the best choice.

Customer Relation Managers

  • Accountable for the relationship with the client.
  • Lead/Assist in CRM part of onboarding.
  • Review monthly reporting.
  • Escalation point in complaint handling and general client care.
  • Assist/lead in quotes and proposals
  • Manage opportunities.
  • Help the client understand IT requirements required for their success.
  • Communicate with client stakeholders on important developments.
  • Consult client on important IT strategies.
  • Consult client on new technologies.
  • Visit clients where possible and needed.
  • Lead/present Business Technology Reviews.
  • Contact point in major incidents.
  • Be the advocate for clients within ABT.

If you would like to reach out to one of our CRM’s don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 705 062 or email CRM@abtechnologies.com.au

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