Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series
Advanced Security and Traffic Control for Distributed Enterprises
The F-Series cloud-ready firewalls improve site-to-site connectivity and give you uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the cloud—all while simplifying network administration and reducing IT overhead for multi-site organizations and managed service providers.

Full Next-Generation Security

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series is designed and built from the ground up to provide comprehensive, next generation firewall protection. Firewalling, IPS, URL filtering, dual anti-virus and application control take place directly in the data path. More resource-intensive tasks like sandboxing — required for protecting against ransomware—are seamlessly integrated in the cloud. All NextGen Firewall platforms and models provide the same level of security, maintaining maximum security from branch offices to headquarters.

Connecting the Dots

The NextGen Firewall F-Series combines next-generation security and SD-WAN capabilities in one product that that you can manage centrally using an intuitive, single pane-of-glass solution. This lets you access the benefits of the cloud safely, and to optimize cloud access from anywhere in the network. Low line costs and efficient administration help to reduce operating costs significantly.

Full SD-WAN Capability

In the cloud era, you need to connect branch offices with the cloud in a direct and secure way. Backhauling traffic to the central Internet gateway using MPLS can be very cost intensive. Barracuda NextGen Firewalls let you replace costly MPLS connections with cost-efficient broadband connections. You can utilize up to 24 broadband connections per VPN tunnel for increased bandwidth at lower cost.