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Managed Service Provider

Invest now, Benefit Always

As your business grows, so does the job of maintaining IT systems, making it more stressful and less streamline. The EMC Global Data Protection Index 2014 found that Australian businesses copped $55.7 Billion in costs due to unplanned downtime & data loss. Businesses need to keep on top of these complex issues whilst keeping systems safe from extortionists, virus and other online threats. This also includes implementing strategies to protect valuable business data, and avoid costly downtime.

We offer three different solution plans including Core, Comprehensive and Complete. All these packages include variations of support in –

  • Server Monitoring
  • Network Documentation
  • Health Reports
  • Server Disaster Recovery
  • Network Support
  • Server Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Simulation
  • Patching and Collaborative Support.

Server Monitoring

Our monitoring software sends critical alerts in real-time, allowing us to rapidly respond if something goes wrong.

Network Documentation

We maintain detailed and up-to-date documentation on your IT infrastructure.  Documentation is valuable since it enables us to deliver support services more efficiently.

Health Reports

We produce an easy to read monthly health report that covers all the areas of server protection – backups (including disk usage), anti-virus, power protection & patching.

Server Disaster Recovery

Thoughtful backup design and contingency planning allows us to restore services promptly.

Network Support

Whether you have multiple offices or work in the cloud, we can provide technical support for local network or VPN connections.

Server Support

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and can provide technical support services for Microsoft Windows and VMWare ESXi servers.

Desktop Support

We can provide general help desk & technical support services for desktop applications.

Desktop Monitoring

Our monitoring software is installed on each machine. This software alerts us on a variety of things including backup failures and crashes.

Antivirus Solutions

We deploy our managed antivirus product, which is monitored by our monitoring software, allowing us to react quickly and limit the damage from a virus infection.

Collaborative Support

We offer a collaborative support service where we work with your software vendor to solve problems.  This simplifies technical support by giving your staff a single point-of-contact for all requests.

Disaster Recovery Simulation

Monitoring and testing of backups, specifically making sure the backups run successfully and also doing quarterly test restores of the server backup.


We install important Windows Updates and Service Packs on your servers.

Moving to a managed services model aligns our goals as customer and supplier. You no longer pay for time spent, you’re now paying for results.  We’re proactive in solving problems before they become disasters, so you get better overall value, and keep costs under control.

Why Customers Trust ABTechnologies

Our team of over 18 staff are industry experts, equipped with the knowledge to advise and implement solutions solving your problems.

We pride ourselves on our accreditation’s including Microsoft Gold Partner, ISO 9001 certified, Silver Midmarket Solution Provider, Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions provider, Silver Hosting Provider, Silver Datacenter Intel Premier Channel provider, Cisco certified partner and a premium ASUS dealer.

Our IT team offer 24/7 support offering solutions via email, phone, and our online portal.

We offer a wide range of products and services to support your migration to a new IT solution. Our team can design and deliver software and hardware platforms that connect your systems.

We operate nationwide with all staff employed locally. We have over 277 clients, 4155 devices and over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

Our team can help your company get connected and working efficiently, maximizing the value of your systems.