Azure Virtual Desktop Solution

Optimize your desktop virtualization experience to leverage the power of a modern cloud


Azure Virtual Desktop Solution?

In today’s environment, it’s vital for businesses to implement remote working strategies for their teams, while enhancing security, reducing infrastructure costs, and simplifying IT management. Azure Virtual Desktop enables users to continue to work from any location using the latest desktop and application virtualization cloud technology, empowering companies to provide a secure, productive experience in an ever-changing world.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) gives you the best multi-session virtual desktop and Microsoft 365 Office experience, allowing you to spin up and scale out Windows desktops in Azure within minutes right from the Azure Portal. AVD certified solutions address hybrid requirements and existing solutions, ensuring the most cost-effective, frictionless way to move to the Cloud.

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    Wherever they are… and whatever device they use… your employees
    will have
    access to the apps they need.


    The best virtual Windows and Office experience, delivered on Azure

    • Delivers the only multi-session Windows 10 experience

      Provide employees with the best virtualised experience with the only solution fully optimised for Windows 10 and Office 365.

    • Deploy and scale in minutes

      Simplify deployment and management of your infrastructure and quickly scale based on your business needs.

    • Built-in intelligent security

      Keep your apps and data secure and compliant with security capabilities that can proactively detect threats and take remedial action.

    • Migrate your existing Windows Server (RDS) desktops and apps to Azure

      Bring existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer.

    Not only will a virtualized desktop environment enable users, it can also…


    Connect from any device of your choice (Windows, MacOS/iOS, HTML5, Android, Linux*)


    Like-local Windows experience extensive support for devices


    Support for Windows Hello for Business
    Dynamically adapting bandwidth utilization


    Containerized User Profiles (FSLogix) with fast VHD load times


    Uncompromised Office365 email and calendar performance
    Real-time Outlook search
    Persistent and non-persistent environments


    Best conferencing and media experience with multimedia redirection capability and high-performance, low latency audio and video calling


    Security and Windows Virtual Desktop

    Identity and access

    Azure offers enterprise level cloud identity governance that enables you to manage access, secure endpoints, and identify potential threats.

    Network security

    Isolate your Azure virtual machines and data from undesirable traffic and users. Securely connect to your on-premises datacenter or a single computer using Azure Virtual Network.

    Data protection

    Microsoft makes data protection a priority. Technology safeguards such as encryption keep your data yours, and operational processes about data destruction keep it safe from prying eyes.

    Data privacy

    You control where your data resides and who can access it. Limit Microsoft access to and use of your data—we never use your customer data for advertising purposes.

    Threat defense

    Protection from known and emerging threats requires constant vigilance, and an array of defenses is in place. Continuous monitoring and analysis of traffic help to reveal anomalies and threats.

    Compliance programs and certifications

    Cloud compliance is easier with Azure. By providing compliant independently verified services, we streamline compliance for the infrastructure and applications you run in Azure.

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    Microsoft AVD Webinar Series!

    Take the self-assessment to see if Windows Virtual Desktop is right for you:

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      You need to bring Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to your users
    • null
      You need to manage different deployment types across different deployment planes
    • null
      Your end-users need a seamless rich client experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana, OneDrive, and Teams
    • null
      You need to scale efficiently on demand
    • null
      You need the ability to add users quickly and easily
    • null
      You need to support both persistent and non-persistent environments
    • null
      You need integrated security and management e.g. Microsoft 365, AAD
    • null
      You want to reduce management and
      deployment costs for Windows Server
    • null
      You need to run Windows 7 legacy applications post upcoming Win 7 EOL
    • null
      Your virtual desktop journey requires reuse of existing investments (e.g. Citrix)
    • null
      You are in a regulated industry and need to
      meet strict compliance requirements
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