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Server Hardware

What you need to consider before purchasing Server Hardware

Whether it’s your first server, a replacement for aging equipment or an addition to meet growing business needs, selecting the right server hardware can be confusing. How do you distribute your spend for best value?  Some applications need lots of RAM, for others it could be disk or network speed.

You’ll also need to consider reliability as well as performance – and these features are often buried in technical terms like RAID, ECC, & BBU.  In order to get the best value, you need a technology partner who understands your operational objectives, and can cut through the jargon. We have designed server systems to accommodate anywhere from 5 to 65 users, and can design you a complete server solution including software, backup systems and anti-virus protection.

How ABTechnologies can help you

ABTechnologies has over 15 years experience in procuring, assembling and testing server hardware. We have deployed over 230 servers nationwide since 2008, and have recently moved production to a larger facility at Salisbury in Brisbane.

We supply a range of Servers to suit a small business or the large business who demand the Enterprise level.  Whether you need an enterprise grade high availability cluster or a server to store your data, we can supply a range of models to suit your needs and budget. Our range includes HP, Intel, Lenovo, and ASUS. We can design and implement a complete server solution including backup systems, antivirus, networking, and security.

Customers choose ABTechnologies because of our commitment to service and quality including:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management systems
  • Intel Premier Technology Provider
  • ASUS Technology Partner
  • Massive range and stock-on-hand

The Life-cycle of a server should be directly tied to its manufactures warranty.

Know when it's time to Replace your Server

Percentage of Server Failures Based on Age

It's time to replace your server if it's:

In order to maintain efficiency in the workplace it is essential to maintain optimal server speed. We can help you determine if your server is running reliably and if a replacement is needed.

When your operating system is no longer supported, it is recommended to replace your server and take advantage of new hardware.

This number can vary depending on the type of server, however once it is over three years old, support costs increase by 40%.

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