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What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business lets you connect with co-workers or business partners in your company or around the world.

  • Start conversations with IM, voice, or video calls.
  • See when your contacts are available online, in a meeting, or presenting.
  • Set industrial-strength security for meetings.
  • Broadcast online to a large audience.
  • Present your screen during meetings or give control to others.
  • Use Skype for Business in other Office programs to chat, call, or join a meeting with a click.

Download and Install

If you don’t have Skype for Business already installed, you can download and install it from your Office 365 home page.

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account at
  2. Click the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Office 365 link under My app settings.
  4. Choose Software.
  5. Click the Skype for Business link on the left-side column:
    • Select your preferred language
    • Choose the version that matches your Office programs
    • Click Install to download Skype for Business

      NOTE:  If you don’t see Skype for Business listed, check with your admin, or install Skype for Business for Office 365 ProPlus.

    • Choose Run to start the download
    • Click Yes to confirm
  6. If Skype for Business is bundled with your Office 365 programs:
    • Select your preferred language
    • Choose the version that matches your Office programs
    • Click Install to download Skype for Business
    • Choose Run to start the download
    • Click Yes to confirm
  7. Once the installation is complete, close the installer box and launch Skype for Business.

Sign in and out

Sign in and out of Skype for Business to choose how you want to be visible to your contacts.

Sign in

  1. Click the Sign In button.
  2. Type in your password.
  3. Check the Save my password box to autosave your sign in info, or leave the box unchecked if you don’t want to save it.
  4. Click the Sign In button again to complete the sign in.

Sign out

  1. Click the arrow next to the Show Menu icon show menu arrow .
  2. Select File.
  3. Choose Sign Out.

Close and re-open

  • To keep Skype for Business running, close your main window by clicking the X X_Close_SfB in the upper-right corner.
  • Search “Skype for Business” on your computer to bring the program back up.
  • Or click the app icon if you’ve pinned it to your task bar.

Set up audio and video

With Skype for Business, set up audio and video to hear and see your contacts with through voice and video calls.


  1. Click Select Primary Device Skype for Business_Select Primary Devices icon.
  2. Select Audio Device Settings and choose your preferred audio device from the list.
  3. Click Play Play_Skype for Business to test the speaker and adjust the volume.


  1. Select Video Device and choose your preferred camera from the list.
  2. Click Camera Settings to adjust lighting or color.
  3. Click OK.

Make a video call

  1. Hover over a person’s photo in the main window and select the Video Call Skype for Business_Video Call icon.

Set presence options

With Skype for Business, see if your co-workers are available, or change your own status.

  • Click the arrows by your name to set your presence or location manually.
  • The three most popular presence indicators are:
    • Available SfBPresence_Available
    • Busy SfBPresence_Busy
    • Away SfBPresence_Away
  • Other common presence indicators include:
    • Do Not Disturb SfBPresence_DoNotDisturb
    • Offline SfBPresence_Offline
  • A purple dot appears next to a contact’s name if they’re Out of Office SfBPresence_OutOfOffice_small_dot .
    • You can still IM the contact and they’ll receive the message as a Missed conversation in email, or when they’re online and available again on Skype for Business.

Add or change your photo

Set or change your photo preferences in Skype for Business.

Add or change your photo

  1. Click your picture (or the avatar if you don’t have one set) in the Skype for Business main window to open the Options box.
  2. Click the Edit or Remove Picture button.
  3. On your My account page in your Office 365 account, click the Upload photo link and browse to the photo you want to use.
  4. Select your photo and click Save.

Hide your photo

  1. Click Hide my picture.
  2. Click OK.

Hide everyone else’s photos

  1. Click on your picture in the main window.
  2. Select Personal.
  3. Under Show pictures, uncheck Show Pictures of contacts.
  4. Click OK.

Set up an online meeting

With Skype for Business, set up online meetings in advance or on the fly.

  1. Open your Outlook calendar and click New Skype Meeting.
  2. Add your invitees, type in a subject and agenda, and choose a date and time.
  3. Click Scheduling Assistant to check everyone’s availability.
  4. Preload attachments to a Skype for Business meeting:
    • Click Insert tab.
    • Select Attach File.
    • Browse to the file you want to include.
  5. Before sending the email:
    • Click Meeting Options icon in the Outlook ribbon to review meeting permissions.
    • Click A new meeting space to enable the meeting permissions of your choice.
  6. Click Send once the meeting invite is ready to go.
  7. If someone doesn’t have Skype for Business, they can click on the link from the email invite to join.
  8. For impromptu meetings:
    • Click Meetings tab Meetings Tab_SfB in Skype for Business.
    • Click Meet Now button.
    • Invite the person you’d like to chat with and click OK.


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