Web Hosting
“Hosting” is space you rent on a server that’s connected to the internet.  It’s what makes your website available around the world.  Without a hosting plan, no one can see your website because it’s just sitting on your computer like all your other files. Once you’ve registered your domain name(s) you’ll need hosting service to make it “live” on the internet.  “Hosting” is simply providing a server on the internet where a website or mailboxes live.

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DNS Hosting

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you’ll need DNS hosting.  DNS hosting is what makes the domain name “live” on the Internet, its the system that translates domain names that people use (such as google.com) into numerical IP addresses that computers use (such as

Email Hosting

If you want to set up email addresses on your domain name, you’ll need email hosting.  Many different hosting providers offer basic email hosting, but if you want business-grade features such as calendar sharing & automatic ‘out-of-office’ replies then you should choose Office 365 hosted email.  For larger organisations it may be more cost-effective to host email in-house.

Web Hosting Plans

Hosted Service Price Ex GST Period
Web Hosting – Starter $300 1 Year
Web Hosting – Business $425 1 year
Web Hosting - Professional $534 1 Year

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